Alta Vista Recording
Igniting Excellence Since 1995

Austin recording studio

One of the longest-running Austin recording studios.

We are one of the few Austin recording studios that have stayed in business for over twenty years. We have bridged the gap between high-dollar sound and affordable rates, proving that you don’t have to spend a couple of months rent to spend a day in a great-sounding studio. You may have noticed that it is rare for an Austin recording studio to print their rates on their websites. Usually that’s because they feel like they need to win you over with a sales pitch before they talk about them. We take a different approach and try to draw your attention to our rate structure and special offers. Our rates are very competitive and we are proud of them.

Here are some reasons why most of our clients keep coming back to Alta Vista Recording Studio:

  • Prices that accommodate everyone
  • The top shelf sound that your project deserves
  • A fun atmosphere that enables you to be at your best

Don’t take our word for it. Visit our rates page and then take a listen and gauge the quality of our sound to the value that we are able to provide. Our FAQ page can fill you in on the recording process, answer some of our most commonly asked questions and provide some tips for making the most of your recording experience. New to the recording process and want to gain some insight about what to expect? We’d be happy to set aside some time to fill you in and even help you develop a budget to make sure you come in with a cost-effective approach. We can also help you stay on track and not spend more than you can afford. We will always do our best to provide an efficient, yet fun atmosphere to help you stay at your best and have fun in the process.

“I come from London, England to record at Alta Vista Recording Studio and it’s well worth the trip. It’s got that mixture of a calm, relaxed, friendly environment with a thorough professionalism and attention to detail. I’m always knocked out by the results.”

Roger West