Alta Vista Recording
Igniting Excellence Since 1995

About Us

Alta Vista Recording was started in 1995 in the Travis Heights neighborhood of South Austin. In 1999, we moved to our current location and spent the next year working with top flight engineers and studio designers to build the very best studio we could. The old school approach of attention to detail and the time and expense in building great sounding rooms differentiates us from most of our competition, where often the acoustics of the rooms themselves are commonly not given the attention that is crucial to attaining first rate sound. Great sounding studios are not easy to build. Great equipment in great rooms yields great results.

We have had the honor or working with thousands of artists over the last twenty years and time and time again, people comment on how comfortable their experience has been at Alta Vista Recording. The recording process should be about joy, creativity and fun, and keeping that as a priority always gets the best results.

Take a look around the site at our FAQ or rates page. Check out our gear page and listen to some of our clients. We’re always available to answer any questions, so please let us hear from you! Text us at (512)326-5490 or email