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Our Clients

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been honored to work with hundreds of clients. Here’s what some of them have to say about us…

“This past Wednesday we won an award at the Austin Music Awards. I gave thanks to Tom Johnson to a full house at Austin Music Hall. That’s how much I think of him.”

– Los Texas Wranglers

“Tom Johnson and Alta Vista Recording are the best in my book.”

– Dana McBride

karenchisolm“I came to Alta Vista Recording for my very first studio recording. I walked in with a song idea for a contest and the deadline was the next day. We added drums, keys, bass, electric, acoustic, lead vocals, backing harmonies. In just 8 hours I came out with my first professionally recorded song. I cried all the way home realizing how easy and affordable my dream of recording could really be!”

– Karen Chisholm

“Cannot speak highly enough of Tom and Paul and all the guys at Alta Vista. Very intimate vibe, totally relaxed. They helped us get just the sound we wanted and were available any time to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, get advice from…They are upfront their pricing/services, you know exactly what you will get, and they definitely go the extra mile to get your record sounding just right. Thanks again guys, looking forward to coming back in the future!”

– – Dennis Svatek – Czech Melody Masters

“We want to send out a special thanks to Tom Johnson at Alta Vista Recording for helping us with our EP. We had a great time working on it, thanks so much, Tom!.”

– Blue Bear

“With Tom, I felt like I was working with someone who was really looking out for my best interests. He helped me make the most of my budget, and found ways to make my ideas work — and even make them better. He even helped me find the right people for my first full-length CD. I really felt well taken care of.”

– Daniel Link

rogerwest“I come from London, England to record at Alta Vista Recording and it’s well worth the trip. It’s got that mixture of a calm, relaxed, friendly environment with a thorough professionalism and attention to detail. I’m always knocked out by the results.”

– Roger West

“Tom’s positive energy is infectious. He went out of his way to make the studio experience comfortable, pleasant, warm and joyous. He obviously loves what he does, and his enthusiasm makes a big difference. He puts in a lot of hours to make the music he records sound as good as he can possibly get it.”

– Jean Synodinos

tex parker“Howdy, I’m Tex Parker, a song writer from La Grange. Recently, I had the occasion and pleasure of recording some of my future hits with Tom Johnson at his Alta Vista Recording Studio in Austin. My happiness knows no bounds at the results. I have recorded in studios all over America: Austin, Houston, Nashville, Bakersfield and points in between. Tom’s far surpasses any. Tom is the total professional; knowledgeable, without ego, the equipment is first rate and his gentle and sometimes firm leadership guided me through the sensitive intricacies of modern recording techniques with skill, passion and great aplomb. He does the little things, too, like at the end of the session, he presented, without my asking, three copies of my CD. One gold for duplicating, one gold backup for security, one regular to listen to in the van on the way home. I was completely happy with the results, and the price was right, too. If you record with Tom, I am sure you will also be very happy. As Always, Love from La Grange.”

– Tex Parker

“Tom recorded me at the Cactus. Then he gave me a CD of what he had recorded after he cleaned it up at his studio. I thought he made me sound really good. I also knew, just from talking to him, that he wouldn’t charge me an arm and leg if I wanted to come into the studio and record, so when I was ready, I didn’t even think about going anywhere else. Alta Vista was a really enjoyable place to record. Tom has very good equipment and everything was really laid back. I got to have a lot of involvement in the process, and with Tom’s help, both the live recordings and the tracks we laid down in the studio came out great.”

– Philip Gibbs

“Top notch studio. Tom’s simply the best.”

– Eugene Willard Gott

“Alta Vista Recording: A very fine and intimate recording facility run by Tom Johnson. Tom is not only a drummer by trade, but a damn good studio owner/operator by professional passion! I’ve worked with Tom one-on-one, recording sessions, editing, guitar production, and eating (done by me!) and I’ve always came home happy with the work we’d done. Alta Vista’s warm atmosphere and well isolated acoustics make focusing in on fine detail easy!”

– Andy Macintyre

We have worked with thousands of musicians in our twenty years in business and we will be updating this list soon:

The British Broadcast Corporation
Sean Evan and The Very Handsome Band
Jimmy Butler
The Tapestry Singers
Hannah Neal
Study Session
The Victors
Rob Nash
Smart Boyz
Plan Sonidero
Sally on the Side
The Hudsons
Sam Baker
The Late Joys
Steven Fromholz
Girl Guitar
Garett Endres
Brian Sensory
Abi Tapia
Jack Wilson
Demi The Daredevil
Thawind Mills
Patterson Barrett
Gary Claxton
Stan Troy
Man Carter
Josh Allen
Spencer Thomas
Adrienne Harrell
Boca Abajo
John Napier
The Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Dianna Dorman
James Meny
Sam Burr
Echo Entertainment
Drew Kennedy
Chris Brecht
Bo Carter
Jimmy Lee Hannaford
Peter Dawson
Joe Young
Scott Dorlaque
Rambler Rose
Eric Harvey
Chad Tracy
Chelle Murrey
The Snobs
Toru Okada
Brian Robertson
Kirk Van Praag
Alton Rex
Sharon Bousquet
Grant Ewing
Shelton Ray
Ronnie Caywood
Nolan Davis
Sam Houston
Dana Lewis
Will Gunn
Jim Mattson
Two Brownie Coma
RIIL Chemistry
Five Pound Piranha
Thawind Mills
Such A Voice
Gage Hagen
Kash Kothmann
Julia Robinson (from London, England)
Jamie Gazelle
Garrett Hudson
Lee Toowey
Jim Boddy
Justin Stage
Hillbilly Renegade Productions
Bret Liming
Rasec y El Maestro
Corrina Kalish
Dr. Ivan Misner
The Easy Pills
Kasey Spain
Ultra Electronics
The Original Sins
Art Martinez
Gabbi Garcia
Donia Crouch
Hideous Pink
Clay Harrell
John Deery
Bonnie Wade
Celia Dufresne
Marcus Benamati
Torin Alter
Sand Sheff
Ronnie Lee
Heidi Little
Franklin Blues
Elizabeth Diaz
Aubrey Nash
Erik Berglund
James Guthrie
Lee Person
Del Fuego
The Vast
Joe Street
The Original Sins
Saltworth Sundries
Daniel Hernandez
Divas and Cavaliers
The Forbidden Blues
Against the Archaic
The Psychedelic Mantitties
Your Kisses Cause Crashes
Simone Wensink and the Austin Undutchables
The Gilbert Sullivan Society of Austin
Esther’s Follies presents: Texcentric Radio Hour
Adrienne Harrell
Tenant Cloud
Trevor Hickle
Casey Moore
Krishna Bhattacharyya
Jan Harris
Matthew Mullane
Robert Bailey
Anthony Lie
Ric Furley
Sweetwater Film
Pat Jensen
Beth Misner
Jeff Stolhand
John McCracken
Janet Buller
Megan Vallee
Tyson Culver
Just Kusko
Stephanie Morgan
Royce Phillips
Laura Reuter
Lucas Trevino
Johnny Glass
Charles Roe
Guy Ben Moshe
Samuelle Pierce
Andre Ricks
Joy McVean
Jonmarie Compton
Will Prines
Leslie Reynolds
Sapphire Bell
James Ridge
Stan Bennett
John Mizell
Debbie Bailey
Tom McCune
Jason Frankhouser
Lawrence Richards
Alan Cameron
Tim Miler
David Moreno
Arnand Ravindran
Elise Krentzel
Lawrence Clark
Bryan Dubin
Kate Collins
Richard Schendel
Caleb Westbrook
Jesse Walker
Soul Mystifiers
Joseph Stevens
Anthony Lie
Brian Kurtz
Terry Nielsen
Daniel Whiteside
Jim Wood
Shane Lane
Brian Hamby
Pat McCune
Meredith Hamons
Trevor Hickle
Nic Marcy
Benjamin Hirsh
Andrew Espinola
Erica Missey
Gypsy Rose and the Rail Jumpers
Ronnie Morgan
Marcell Mickens
Trevalyn Warfield
Bob Slaughter
Daniel Link
Francis McGrath
Kim Concepcion
Tasha Burr
Joel Hager
Linda Benitez
Jose Garza
Tara Khandro
Thomas Turbeville
Lance Barnett
Keith Kifer
Stephen Canner
John Marsac
Josh Cornal
Dave Jellison
Clint Martin
Charles Smith
Jared Hickle
The Kid’s Acting Studio
Amy Z
John Bode
Jason Herd
Norberto Tjon Ajong
Steve Ondrechen
Jeff Burke
Bert Bryant
Han Ho
Clark Cook
Donna Milner
Richard Carta
Andy Zubik
Jamie Klemcke
Safety Meeting
Cody Hayes
Amy Wan
Joshua Kedzuch
Ronnie Morgan
The Tone Pirates
Kimon Papsterdis
Daniel A. Thompson
Nate Vancil
Skip Stutts
Roy Sanders
Nanci Jay
John Walker
Charlie Johnson
Los Klezmeros
Victor Murillo
Tom Rodenbush
Mary King
John Kenny
Zack McClinton
Sam Riggs
Capitol Punishment
Russell Kirkman
Coral and Terry Southwell
Roy Hedrick
James Faron
Harold Ambler
Andy Garsea
Richie Brosioda
Matt Boyle
Kim Townsend
Bob Overbee
Hank Hunt
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Joe Natoli
Anthony Brown
Billy Maserang
Richard Fatheree
Cougar Jones
Meredith McAlmon
Dewayne Davis
Steve Argo
Eliot Cole
Blake Tynes
Wayne Kamin
Dave Hooper
Earl Martin
David Novian
El Dollar
Rick Harvey
Chris Neff
Will Ivy
John Crosby
Greg Ortega
Jacque Schafer
Dave Vishal
Gary Head
Patrick Smith
The Fugitives
Ben Blankenberg
Robert Galindo
Ed Poell
Rod Higdon
Shane Jones
Martha Avalos
Ben Mallot
Steve Sixx
Rusty Kelley
Jill Braswell
Paul Gillia
Brock Rodarte
Michael Haedge
Eric Gotula
Chris Sierra
Ben Livingston
Joseph Haugger
Shahe Maoukian
Matt Jacobs
Linda Jones
Tom Caven
Rhone Waters
Trey Baker
Dale Perry
Kyle Combs
Paul Coder
Megan Mellara
Joe Johnson
Carolyn Keagle
Jennifer Jones
Patrick Volek
Greg Marmalejo
Laura Phelin
Jonathon Abbot
Tom Metcalf
Joanna Hart
Joe Bray
Paul Vanetti
Norman Jones
Shedrack Lowry
Bradley Brumley
Mac Pfeifer
Matt Jeske
Jonathon Ayers
Will Guilatt
Stewart Cundy
Tommy Barerra
Lyndol Descant
Stephanie Morris
Eddie Hernandez
Robert Sormani
Ty Hagger
Paul Moon
Lee Persons
DB Martin

Scott Murphy

Joha Turner