Alta Vista Recording
Igniting Excellence Since 1995

Are We the Right Studio for You?

No Austin recording studio is right for every project, and we are no exception. For instance, we would not be the right studio for recording more than eight musicians at one time. We are not set up for solo piano projects that require an acoustic piano. In those situations, we will be happy to offer a referral to a studio that is better suited to that type of project.

home-drum-imgOne area where we do claim expertise is in recording, mixing, and mastering most types and styles of music production. Although that’s the focus of most studios, we try to distinguish ourselves from the others by providing high-end sound and a fun working atmosphere at affordable prices.

Studios publicize the attributes that are their strongpoints. The more expensive Austin recording studios may highlight their atmosphere and vibe and not even publish their rates or samples of their sound. On the other end of the spectrum, lower-end studios may emphasize their rates only. If money is not a primary concern and spending up to $2000 a day is not a problem, then one of the more expensive studios might be a good bet for you. On the other hand, if quality, amenities, and a long track record are not priorities for you, then there are studios that charge less than we do, although not a lot less.

At Alta Vista Recording Studio, we try to marry the advantages of both business models. We offer high quality sound, affordable rates, a professional atmosphere, a fun, relaxed vibe. We have more than twenty years of experience with a solid track record. Please feel free to call us at (512)326-5490 or email about any project, large or small.